The Basics of Guest Blogging (Infographic)

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about guest blogging. Guest blogging can be a valuable marketing tool if used correctly.

Unfortunately, many of the pitches that I receive for my blogs are not great pitches. The worst of them pitch content that is completely unrelated to my blog’s niche. Other pitches contain grammatical errors and misspellings and don’t make a very good first impression. Some of the pitches I receive are hard sell advertisements for a product or service that contain little if any information that my readers would find useful or helpful.

This infographic walks you through the basics of guest blogging. It includes information on finding your niche and target audience, figuring out who to pitch and how, and even offers some valuable tools to help you in your guest blogging endeavors. Take a look.

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Lorie Huston is an accomplished veterinarian, an award winning blogger, a talented author and a certified veterinary journalist. She is available for writing assignments, blogging and social media consultation, and SEO strategy.

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