How Important Is Your Social Media Resume in Finding Work?

If you’re a freelancer or if you’re looking for employment, having an online resume can be a huge asset. In fact, you’re missing a huge opportunity if you don’t have a current professional resume easily available online. But where should you post this resume? What are the best sites for job seekers and employers to meet?

Take a look at this infographic which details how job seekers and employees are connecting online. Does it surprise you that 1 out of 6 job seekers credit social media with procuring a job?

Social Resume
Courtesy of: Online Colleges

Here’s my take:

  • LinkedIn has been for me, as a freelance writer and social media consultant, the most successful social media site for meeting prospective clients. This infographic would seem to support that observation.
  • I maintain a professional website ( listing my biography, my work experience, my services and more. I frequently send prospective clients there for more information about me and what I do. I have found this strategy to be useful also.
  • Though the primary objective of my pet health care blog is to educate pet owners about various pet topics, I also refer clients who wish to see a sampling of my work to the blog. As such, the blog provides an example of my writing skills as well as my knowledge and expertise in the pet industry.
  • This blog is maintained as a method of procuring clients for my social media consulting work. It not only educates other bloggers and social media users (I hope!) but it also serves as a showcase of my knowledge and talents in this field.
  • If you are using a social media site as a resume, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the section in the infographic about what to include and what not to include. Even if you’re not looking for job opportunities, I still strongly urge you to carefully consider what you post on any social media site. Remember not only friends but also co-workers, employers, and family members can access your social media presence. Don’t embarass yourself by posting inappropriate material and don’t assume that you’ll never wish to maintain a more professional appearance than you do currently. Also, don’t assume that privacy settings provide absolute protection.

How about you? Have you landed a job or secured a writing assignment or other employment opportunity as a result of social media? What sites are working for you? Which are not?

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