Establishing a Voice for Your Blog

If you want to be a successful blogger, one of the things that can really help is establishing a unique voice, something that sets you and your blog apart from the rest of the blogging world. That doesn’t mean that every blog post needs to be the same. You don’t always have to be funny or serious or sappy or whatever. Being human is what you want to aim for.

Actually, a comment by Jessica Vogelsang (aka Dr. V) on one of my last blog posts, Should Veterinarians Blog?, is what got me thinking about this. Her comment said, in part, that a veterinary blog should seek to humanize the staff at the hospital. That comment created a sort of “Aha” moment for me as I contemplated it and my mind started to wander down slightly different avenues to reach the point of this post.

How do you create a voice for your blog? By being yourself. Let some of your personality come through in your words. Share some personal stories or feelings. Write about something you’re passionate about and that passion is likely to come through in your posts.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not one of my strong points. So, I’m not going to put my blog forward as an example. But there are some people that I think do it very well. Here are just a few of them:

  • Dr. V is a great example. Her Pawcurious blog is definitely unique in its perspective. Though essentially a pet blog, not every blog post is about pets. Dr. V shares stories about her family, her pets, her travels and much more. This is a blog that’s always been one of my favorites. Dr. V shares her personal thoughts, feelings and experiences and throws in some great photos to add even more interest. Even before I actually met Dr. V, I felt like I knew her from reading this blog. Now, I’m feel privileged to know her personally and call her a personal friend.
  • Romeo the Cat features hilarious and ingenious wake up tactics provided by, who else, Romeo the Cat plus much more. Dedicated to advocacy and raising money for rescues, Romeo the Cat is a terrific example of a blog with a great voice.
  • Mel Freer at No Dog About It is a good example of why being passionate about your niche topic is so important. Mel’s passion comes through in every post she writes. And her passion gives her blog a voice of its own.
  • Glogirly, like Romeo the Cat, is told mostly from a cat’s point of view. (In this case, it’s Katie.) Glogirly is full of great videos, terrific photos and plenty of humor.
  • The Bloggess is not a pet blog but Jenny Lawson’s irreverent style of writing makes her blog different than any other, in a good way. There aren’t many of her posts that aren’t worth at least a chuckle or two.

These are just a few examples. There are many others. What are you doing to add a unique voice to your blog?

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