How to Find Good Content for Your Facebook Page

Finding Content for Your Facebook Page

How do you find good content for your Facebook page?

Being successful on Facebook means having an active page. If your page is stale, with no new content added regularly, there is little reason for anyone to visit it. But how do you find good content to post there?

Places to Locate Content for Your Facebook Page

One of my favorite places to go to look for content for my Facebook pages is my Facebook ticker. Your ticker is located in the upper right part of your Facebook page. It shows the activity of your friends.

I like using the Facebook ticker to find content because it allows me to promote my friends, which is something I enjoy doing. It’s a win-win for both of us, wider exposure for their content and fresh content for my page.

Other places that are useful for finding content are other social networking sites, such as Twitter and Google Plus. You can look through your network’s posts for content that will interest your Facebook followers. Or you can search for content on these sites as well.

News outlets are also useful. Your Facebook followers and fans may be grateful for notices of current news items, especially things which may impact their pet’s health, such as pet food recalls and the like.

Of course, don’t forget to post your own content (i.e. posts, photos, videos, etc that you have produced.) Just intersperse plenty of other quality content as well. Your Facebook page should not contain only links to your own “stuff”.

What Type of Content Is Best for My Facebook Page?

This will depend on your audience. Different audiences seem to prefer different types of content. You can post links to informational articles, videos (either informational or entertaining), photos, or quotes.

I usually try to post a combination of all kinds of content. Cute pet photos do well on my Voice of Pet Care Facebook page. Quotes also seem to do well. Links to news items dealing with emotional issues, such as BSL or puppy mills, are also popular. Your audience will be different than mine though. You may need to experiment to find out what works best for you and your audience.

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  • Trish October 21, 2011, 5:30 pm

    These are all really good tips – and from what I’ve seen – way more people need to take the advice! It’s really disappointing when you “like” a page only to realize they rarely post or only have links to their blog posts or never engage with their followers.


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